Cosmetics & Whitening

Numerous studies show that a healthy, pretty smile can boost confidence and improve one’s quality of

life. We can help you gain that confidence and attractive smile through many affordable options.

Below are several options for whitening your natural teeth. Expectations should be established;

if you have bleached your teeth previously, know that your teeth may not whiten much more

than they already have. Also, if you have “intrinsic stains” (stains from within) from various

things, like antibiotics when you were a child, then your options for whitening should be

discussed. Crowns, veneers and fillings do NOT change color with bleach.



before and after

THIS IS OUR “GOLD STANDARD” FOR WHITENING. It is more expensive than traditional custom dental bleaching trays, but that is for a reason; THE RESULTS ARE SPECTACULAR! This is a very sensitive procedure and the bleach is kept refrigerated from manufacturing to delivery. This not only involves custom fitted trays delivered to you but most commonly an involved in-office bleaching session. After your impressions and custom trays are fabricated, you will bleach at home for two weeks prior to the in-office bleaching session. If you have a particularly involved case from intrinsic stains (for example, due to tetracycline staining – it looks like your teeth are gray with “bands”) you may have multiple visits and a longer treatment time. If you have been previously sensitive to bleach, this system includes desensitizers for more comfortable results. This is considered a “PERMANENT” whitening solution.

Custom Bleaching trays with Discus Dental Nite-White/Day-White/ZOOM! bleach. These custom-formed trays are made for YOUR teeth; this involves impressions in the office and at-home bleaching. You will bleach your teeth for two weeks daily and then “maintain” your whiteness on a monthly basis. We use Discus Dental/Philips whitening products which were designed by Dr. Dorfman, the dentist from “Extreme Makeover” or “The Swan,” and, in our experience, more effective than some of the other products like Opalescence. These bleaches have not been temperature controlled and therefore, heat and time can break down the bleaching product. If you have previously bleached and satisfactory results were not obtained, this may be because the bleach was compromised. If you already have custom whitening trays, you may want to try a new syringe of bleach or, the above mentioned, KoR Whitening system. We also have refill syringes available for purchase.



Veneers are porcelain “overlays” on top of your natural teeth and crowns envelope the entire tooth. This is the fastest way to change the appearance of your smile. They can correct slight overlaps and make it appear that you have had braces to make your teeth straighter. While you can choose the color of your teeth, we recommend that 6-10 (depending on your smile) of your upper teeth be veneered to gain the best cosmetic outcome (pictured left: 20 veneers). Lower teeth can be veneered as well. Your first set of veneers or crowns may not be a “lifetime” solution and usually involve that some natural tooth structure be reduced, meaning you will likely need to replace them during your life as they could develop decay or change their appearance as you age. Oral health is very important in making the decision to get veneers or crowns, but they can make an amazing difference in a short amount of time!

Composite bonding

Bonding functions much like veneers do, but many times at a lesser cost. We can overlay tooth-colored composite resin (the same material used in tooth-colored fillings) on top of your natural tooth. Many times this is how a chipped tooth is repaired. These have a greater chance of fracturing or chipping if you are a nail-biter or grinder/bruxer. They are simply “glued” on to your tooth, much like how an acrylic fingernail is glued to your natural nail. Composite is limited in how much it can change the color of your tooth as it has some translucency. If you decide on this treatment option, you should bleach prior to the procedure since the composite will not change color after placement. Individual Internal tooth whitening If you have had a root canal on a front tooth and never received a crown, over time your tooth may have discolored giving the appearance of a “wooden tooth.” This single tooth can be bleached from the inside giving it a lighter look. Usually it will not bleach to the whiteness of your other untreated teeth, but it will make your “wooden tooth” less noticeable without the cost of a crown.

Most insurances do NOT cover the cost of cosmetic procedures and the total cost will be “out-of-pocket” for the patient. However, you are eligible for the “in-network” benefits and deductions.

We do not offer ZOOM!® whitening with the light accelerator or laser whitening because studies show that these results are only temporary due to the dehydration of teeth and patients can have low to extreme levels of sensitivity.