Emergency Services

We understand that toothaches pop up and they can be extremely painful! We want to help you as quickly as we can. Many times if you call before noon we can see you the same day. Sometimes toothaches occur from deep decay, cracked teeth, gum boils/abscesses, loose fillings/crowns or broken teeth.

If you are experiencing extreme swelling causing trouble breathing or swallowing and/or an unusually high fever we encourage you to go to the Emergency Room.

When you come in for an emergency exam we will fit you into our patient schedule; we try to eliminate the wait as much as we can as we understand that you are in pain, but you will still have to fill out patient paperwork and register your insurance information if you have coverage. If you do not, we will give you payment information and options prior to being seen.

After your Emergency visit, we hope you become a regular dental patient so we can help you reduce the chance of these toothaches randomly occurring.